C-45 Quality Association

As the Pioneers of legal Canadian Cannabis our strength is greater together.


We are all part of the very beginning of our industry – years from now people will look at the individuals at the very first C-45 Quality Association meeting and recognize the pioneers and leaders who were at the start of everything.


  • If you are looking for opportunities to connect with cannabis quality professionals across Canada


  • If you are looking to access quality professionals for mentorship


  • If you are looking to create and share opportunities to exchange experiences and best practices


  • If you are looking to be a part of a network of like-minded individuals in the cannabis industry,


Then C-45 Quality Association is exactly what you are looking for.


The C-45 Quality Association is focused on education, community building and advocacy, join us in creating the leading cannabis quality association on April 24th.


Annual Membership Fees:


Voting Member: $450

Non-Voting Member: $150

Student Member: $45

Please fill out the application form below, and we will be in touch.